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Winner Poker is one of the few online sites that receives high marks all around. This site is part of the iPoker network, where as many as 35,000 players are gaming at peak times. The software is user-friendly and reliable, and standard games of Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 5 Card Stud and more will reveal both loose play and other games filled with stiff competition.

Despite Winner’s popularity, the sign-on bonus and freeroll options are quite generous. And loyalty is rewarded by both a VIP programme and a friend referral bonus.

Yet these are all standard issue for a world-class poker venue. What sets Winner apart from the rest is a slew of ever-changing promotions and a stellar customer support system. Winner may rank at the top but that doesn’t mean they aren’t hungry for your business. By implementing the innovative “back bet” option and offering some jackpots of $50,000 up to a cool million, Winner is a tough act to follow. The ability to play multiple tables could also substantially increase your potential winnings. Having tech issues? The second jewel in Winner’s crown is the site’s exceptional customer support team, which is offered 24/7 via numerous methods, including live chat. The site claims to be operated by insiders, so it stands to reason they’d set themselves up with a customer support team that appears to be universally well-regarded.

Conversely, Winner could stand to create a tutorial section like many of its competitors have but it’s only a small negative point. In terms of reputation, reliability, and a large pool of players to bet against, Winner is named most appropriately. Add playing options in multiple languages, multi-table playing options, and some sincerely generous tournaments (as well as qualifying satellites) and you’ll see why this organisation ranks high.

Sorry, no US players permitted. Yet despite that exclusion, Winner Poker remains one of the biggest and brightest stars in online poker.


Winner has sister sites offering casino play and Bingo, but for the sake of this review it’s all about poker.
Games include Texas Hold’em (regular and a speed version), Omaha (including Hi-Lo) and both Five and Seven Card Stud. Yes, you may find some sharks swimming around but on average, Winner is an excellent spot to hone your skills and best the countless rookies found at the lower stakes tables.

Whatever your game preference, tournaments are constantly being dreamed up for your enjoyment. Many of these games will also stand as qualifiers to aim for even bigger and more lucrative tourneys (thought the various local $50,000 jackpots are nothing to sneeze at).

In addition to tourneys, one very cool feature to check out is the “back bet” option on specifically marked games. The back bet feature allows you to make side bets whilst playing! Once a game commences, players will have the option to make additional bets on a hand’s potential outcome, based on the cards being dealt. Multiple options will arise throughout the hand, making it possible to win in more ways than one for each hand.

Bonuses and Promotions

Considering Winner’s innate popularity, the sign-on bonus is quite generous. New arrivals will receive a 250% deposit match, up to $2,000. As with most sites, your bonus will be redeemed in increments as you play real money games. As another incentive to join, you will also be entered into $25 daily freerolls and $250 weekly freeroll (check Winner’s website for the latest promotions).

What’s more, if you sign on to the VIP programme you’ll also have access to special promotions and tournaments that are tailored specifically for Amateur and Rookie Levels.

Refer a Friend

To help add to your bankroll consider bringing friends on board. For each friend you’ll receive an initial $25 per friend and a $75 pending bonus. However if you refer three or more friends then you’ll raise your bonus to $150 per. Your friends will even win by receiving $10 as a cash bonus once they’ve deposited $25 or more and have earned a minimum of 50 poker points by playing real money games.


As part of the iPoker network, most veteran players will be very familiar with Winner’s gaming software. Whilst this site won’t win any awards for graphics or innovation, the play is guaranteed to be mostly glitch-free and stable. The multi-table feature can accommodate numerous games simultaneously and with ease. You’ll also have the opportunity to make player notes and review your game history as well. Another fine feature is the “hand strength indicator” which does exactly as it says.

The Lobby does its job by letting you have stats at a glance and Winner even provides a “buddy search” option so you can find your friends online.

Winner Poker doesn’t aim to be the flashiest site around; instead this organisation appears to focus its efforts on creating a safe, reliable and lucrative place to play. With exceptional 24 hour customer service, a large pool of competitors to play against and some intriguing gaming innovations, Winner Poker deals a hand that’s good enough to make you want to go all-in.

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