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William Hill Poker is one of the largest online poker communities; it provides a site that is well polished, easy to use and consistently ranks as one of the best available online. To add to the company’s stature, William Hill Poker has joined the iPoker network, one of the largest poker networks in the world. A widely popular site, there are between 2000 and 3000 real money players and around 9,000 players on tournament tables during peak times. Each year the traffic increases, yet there appears to be no trouble handling the ever-increasing business.

Renowned for being one of the biggest bookmakers in the world and long-regarded for sports betting, Will Hill eased on into online gaming with the same reliability and security they’ve become known for. Reviewers consistently regard William Hill as a gaming site with integrity, drawing both new players and acclaimed professionals, alike.

There are a few tradeoffs to the good you’ll get with the William Hill name, though. It isn’t a glitzy playing experience, so if that’s what you’re looking for you may be disappointed. In addition, the site doesn’t concern itself with having all the latest trends, game-wise, though it does have a number of film and television-themed games to choose from, alongside games of Blackjack, Omaha, etc. Will Hill is rightfully comfortable on its thrown in the top five, so if hoping to achieve easy bonuses and receive more personal attention, you may be left feeling a bit of a chill. Yet if you’re looking for something akin to a highly-regarded club you’ve thankfully been granted entrance to, then you should be pleased with what you find. Will Hill isn’t the newest thing on the block that feels the need to make changes on a whim, though the company does embrace the latest technologies. But it’s not a site that’s big on flash because it doesn’t have to be. Yet if you’re looking for a secure playing experience with a name known for being credible, William Hill’s your place.

What’s New?

Site upgrades have been applied to conveniences such as detailed hand-playing history, and also giving players easier access to stats such as the average pot size, hands per hour and flop percentages. Knowledge is power, and such facts at a glance can only improve one’s game.

Will Hill has also launched a programme called Priority Prices, where punters can sign up to receive the latest betting deals on all of the big events via text or Email.

What to Expect

It is possible to play 12 tables simultaneously, however play is not possible from the United States. The lobby area and tables are functional and this all leads to the poker play being quick and reliable, but the more casual and recreational poker players may find that William Hill Poker can feel quite impersonal, stale and dull.

Due to the famous and long established name that is William Hill, the William Hill Poker site has a high intensity of new and inexperienced players joining regularly. This sometimes leads to the level of play not
always being challenging and interesting to more advanced and experienced players, but the lack of experience will give the more experienced players more opportunities to see success. It is also interesting to note that whilst the little fish might scare off some of the seasoned pros, Will Hill sponsors more than a few professional players.


There are plenty of different poker games and tournaments taking place every day on William Hill Poker. There are freeroll tournaments every day for players of all skill levels, Monster tournaments on weekday evenings with prize pools between $20000 and $40000. There is also the $100000 Guaranteed
Freezeout Tournament on Friday evenings and the massive $250000 Guaranteed Tournament on Sundays. Anyone can buy in or qualify through other games for these tournaments, however.

Bonus Offers

As is the case with all poker sites, bonus offers and promotions are changeable, at best. William Hill tends to draw new players by reputation more than anything but it isn’t to say there aren’t a number of sign-on bonuses to be had. One of the many bonuses available is the offer to match 200% of any first deposit up to £1,250. Please note that this is not an instant cash situation; you’ll be given “bonus dollars” that are then converted to cash as you accrue William Hill “points”, which are earned at cash tables or in tournaments.

In addition to the Welcome Bonus, there are 5 free entries to the two Freeroll tournaments available to first time depositors. Four of the entries to the $1000 New Depositors freeroll tournaments that take place on Wednesday evenings and the final entry of the five to a New Depositors Prize freeroll tournament that takes place once a month.

Customer Loyalty Rewards

There is a VIP Club section on the William Hill Poker site that offers further benefits for players playing with real money and making William Hill Points. These loyalty rewards can lead to decent bonuses, but players will have to play a large amount of real money poker and pay to enter tournaments and play regularly to see the benefits of collecting the points.

There is also a “Refer a Friend” scheme on William Hill Poker, where a player who brings a friend in will receive $50. Looking for extra cash? A player will receive $50 for every newcomer they bring on board, so start rifling through your contacts. The players referred also see advantages by receiving an additional $50 on top of the First Deposit bonuses.

Note that the William Hill Point system means that bonuses and incentives require players to have real money accounts and to play a certain amount of real money games in order to receive the bonuses.

Additional Features

William Hill Poker offers a number of features that make the site and the Playtech software feel helpful, secure and trustworthy. There is also an in-depth ‘school’ for poker lessons, to help beginners with rules and on into intermediate lessons on hand rankings. If you’ve been in the game for a bit you can also find some strategy lessons at hand.

William Hill also offers a large support network available around the clock, and provides a multitude of ways to communicate for your conveniences, such as toll free phone calling and live chat.

Among the best, William Hill Poker is considered one of the most efficient and polished online poker sites available. The software is quick and runs smoothly, though the highly statistical and empty layout and style may turn off some more casual players. There are a large number of games and tournaments available at all times, though the experience levels of some players will mean more advanced players may be left unfulfilled. The site is well run; there are plenty of promotions and incentives, the support system is effective and the ‘poker school’ for new players is good. William Hill is one of the biggest names in online poker and rightly so, though it can be less interesting than other more modest alternatives.

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