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Titan Poker is one class act. With top accolades for multilingual customer service, a solid playground that’s fun and easy on the eyes, and big cash bonuses for both new players and veteran players, it’s no surprise that those in the know are impressed.

Launched in 2005, Titan Poker joined the iPoker network, which helped give the site the international client base it has become known for. (Sorry, but no US playing is permitted). Generous sign-on bonuses bring in new players daily, so you can expect a steady influx of traffic at the lower stakes Hold’em games. However, with an estimated 55,000 players at high peak tourneys, you can also expect some veteran players, too. The sharp and gratifying playing software is offered in 15 different languages, so it’s safe to say that these will be some of the more culturally diverse games going. And if you’re one of the big winners you might even be highlighted on the site.

New to the game, or just wanting to brush up on skills? Try out the Titan Poker Guru, an interactive teaching programme that will help you bring out your inner shark. Free features like this and a bevy of awards make it clear why Titan reigns supreme as one of the top dogs. Titan is mighty, indeed.


In addition to poker, the Titan brand name also offers sports betting and various casino games as well. However, for the sake of brevity, this review will focus on the card games. Titan Poker provides games of Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo, and 5 Card Stud. Variations of the games include Limit, Pot Limit, No Limit, Schedule Tournaments and Sit’n’go Tournaments. Sure, there are some high stake tourneys to be found but if you’re looking for low limit games, Titan is the place to be.


It seems like every week there’s a new tournament in the works. Every Sunday, the $150,000 Guaranteed Freezeout promises the chance to win big. The crown jewel of such events is Titan’s European Championship of Online Poker, where players from across the globe compete for legendary jackpots. And if the top games are a bit too intimidating to start, you can always join in on the smaller satellite games for a chance to work your way up.
Check Titan Poker’s site for the latest tournament schedule.


Titan’s software is some of the sharpest to be found. The Lobby is clean and simple to navigate, making it easy to quickly find the game you’re seeking. Whilst in the games you can expect to see handsome graphics that are helpful, easy to read, and non-distracting. Another fine feature grants repeat players the benefit of being able to color code opponents, so as to offer a reminder as to their playing style, should you play against them again. And if interested in tacking numerous tables at once, Titan’s ability to cascade your multiple games and give you all your stats at a glance are additional great organisational features, as well.

Plus, if you are a Mac user or wanting to avoid a Flash download you’ll be happy to know that Titan’s thought of that, too.

Another nice component to the playing field is Titan’s open door policy of offering players written updates on any system bugs that are being worked on and corrected. Throw in a multilingual interface and you’re most likely starting to see why it’s a world renowned poker site.


Titan’s incredible bonuses have got tongues wagging, for sure. A new player can expect one of the most generous sign-on bonuses in online poker. If you’re a new player, you can be matched 200% of your initial deposit, up to $2,000! As with other sites, you’ll need to keep playing real money games for the bonus to be released in increments, but Titan offers one of the most hassle-free cash ins to be found. New players will also receive entry to try and win a $1,250 freeroll, and entry into multiple smaller freerolls as well. The bonuses don’t stop there, but as with any poker site, promotions can be changeable, so check out Titan’s website for the latest details.

Loyalty Rewards

In addition to sign-on bonuses, veteran players are also rewarded with the terrific Club Titan VIP programme. The system involves accruing points that can then be converted into cash at certain intervals. Points are earned in a variety of ways, from playing real money games to attaining specific goals such as finishing on top, three times in a row.

A Club Titan VIP can work up through six levels, depending on playing and winning history. Some levels will grant VIPs freeroll tokens, which is another great way to try and keep your hand in the game.
If looking to bring a friend into the game, Titan Poker will also offer you $100 per friend that qualifies. In turn, your friend will receive $25 for coming on board. Of course it’s not quite as simple as all that, but of all online poker sites, Titan is reputed to have some of the most generous and achievable bonuses out there.


In terms of conveniences and security, Titan offers everything you’d expect of one of the biggest and the best. However, if anything is amiss you will be assisted by a multilingual, award-winning customer service team. If you have questions you can get answers 24/7, any day of the year. Titan also offers a variety of ways to answer your queries, from phone, fax, and email, to live chat.

So as you can see, Titan Poker continues to live up to its big name and reputation. There’s a reason players keep arriving in droves, and staying. It seems pretty clear that though Titan keeps raking in the awards, this organisation isn’t content to let it rest there. Titan strives to be the best, and from this vantage point it looks as if they’re big winners by any standards.

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