PKR has created a virtual world for card players to become immersed in. You may not be able to control the hand you’re dealt, but lush 3D graphics let you control just about everything else. You can customise your avatar down to the most minute detail (yes, including jewelry). You’re also welcome to choose a setting that will help you bring your best game; for some that may be the Zen Casino or possibly a vintage bar or home game. Such keen attention to detail is not only appreciated by the younger players, it’s expected. And if veteran players are turned off by the slick, futuristic feel there’s no sign of it at the tables. With more than 1.75 million members and rising, it seems like everyone’s happy.

In addition to a “real-life” playing experience, members are compelled to hang around the site even when they’re not playing. This is a direct result of PKR’s devoted interest in building a community. Whether you prefer forums, online video segments, PKR’s dedicated magazine, or like face-to-face meetups best, they’ve got you covered. You can even meet players at the table and send them a friend request. It is good to note that the site forums haven’t seen much activity in several months. However it does look like members have gravitated to PKR’s Facebook page in droves.
With all the great ways to build your own character and setting it may be easy to forget why you’re actually at PKR, for the games. In terms of play you’ll find variations on the standards such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha, and you’ll have plenty of tournament options, too. You’ll even have a choice of sign-on bonuses. And PKR’s on-site tutorial section is a multimedia mecca of information. Truly fantastic! Other poker sites would do well to take some inspiration from this one.

As a highly professional site should, PKR has solid security, reputable ethics and all that good stuff adequately covered. The only negative is the limited customer support options. With all the high-tech care taken to create such a rich experience, it is shocking how antiquated their customer service platform is. Email is the only way to contact PKR. No live chat, no phone calls. And though the site is offered in multiple languages, customer service must be handled in English (though it looks as if the company is trying to find French and Italian speaking assistants, as well). They do offer a decent FAQ’s section, and yes, their friendly avatar, Anna, is a helpful gal with pre-scripted answers. Yet when such detail is seen to for the playing experience it is important that PKR applies that same care to the behind-the-scenes workings, as well.

That one criticism aside, this is a stunning poker site that is steadily building its customer base and solid reputation. More than that, PKR is taking online casinos into the future. And judging by the busy tables and tournaments, they’ve got a world of people ready to ride along.

Poker Games

You will find most of the regular Poker games at PKR including Texas Hold’em Limit or No Limit, Omaha, Omaha High, Omaha Low. No Limit Stakes are $0.01/$0.02 – $5-$20 and Limit Stakes $0.01/$0.02 – $100/$200. The regular fare can be found but PKR also loves making new variations on old standards so take a look to see what they’ve got cooking.

Tournaments and Freerolls

There is a good range of tournaments at PKR and they guarantee winnings of around $120,000 per week. There are 10 freerolls each day that have various cash prize pools up for grabs – these add up to $5000 per week. The Masters $100,000 guaranteed tournament has the biggest prize pool. Tournaments play every month and the minimum first prize is $25,000. This also earns you the title of ‘PKR Masters Champion’. Every final table in a Masters tournament is broadcast on the PKR’s very own TV station PKR.TV – with hole cards revealed. So if this is your thing then this is your chance for a bit of fame!


The site’s big draw has to be the stunning 3D graphics. Thanks to the innovative FaceGen software, avatars are so customisable that can actually have your persona express a range of emotions. There are also different types of playing modes and views. The amazing 3D graphics include stunning poker environments, tables and characters. You can change your environment as often as you like and get to pick from a range of playing rooms and tables. You even get to choose the angle of your view. With such versatility, PKJR stands to entertain you long after the others have grown boring. True, downloading may take a bit longer than with other poker websites but fans of PKR say it’s well worth the wait, especially for those who like realistic poker play.


PKR’s marketing and social media prowess cannot be underestimated. There is a great community section at PKR and this is the main draw for poker players who enjoy the full interactive experience. There is a busy forum for members with loads of extra poker info and discussion. There are even forums for French and German speakers (though multilingual chat during games has caused some complaint by English speaking players). For those who love playing at a truly global table, there shouldn’t be an issue.

The site also includes up-to-date news about PKR changes in the dedicated news section within the community section. The site even has its own magazine, Stacked. Club PKR members who achieve Silver level or better get the magazine delivered to their homes four times per year. In the ‘zine you’ll find all the most recent Tournament results, in-depth poker strategies and player profiles.

Loyalty Scheme

Club PKR is a world unto its own. As with other sites, whenever you play real money games you will earn points. There are six levels and each will help you purchase nifty things like bling for your avatar and entry into private tournaments. Loyalty to PKR is well rewarded!

Bonuses and Promotions

PKR is also in a class of its own in regards to bonuses. Depending on how invested you plan to become you can choose one of three bonus methods:
Starter will give you $5 free when you deposit $10 and earn 1 PKR point.
Intermediate matches 100%, up to $150 (whi9ch will then be doled out 5% at a time).
Advanced matches 150%, up to $500.
Think about it; with your first deposit you can make up to $800 depending on how much your initial deposit is. You can deposit between $10 to $800. Existing members can get a $50 reward for every friend they refer to the PKR site and what’s more the friend you refer will also receive $50, too. Referrals count when your friends make a first deposit of $50 or more which will then earn them 1000 PKR points. PKR points are earned every time you play real money games. Your points level also serves as a loyalty scheme, and the more points you accrue the higher up the Club PKR loyalty ladder you climb. Points lead to rewards such as cash bonuses and PKR merchandise. And in addition to cash, these bonuses also include some great prizes as well.

Customer Service

Players can contact the customer services team by email only, but PKR promises to answer within 24 hours. The site also has a good FAQ section that covers Account FAQ’s, Game FAQ’s and Technical FAQ’s – the information is extensive and this is a good place to start with any queries potential or regular members may have about the site and the games etc. Past reviews have mentioned live chat and phone options but it doesn’t appear that those options are offered at the time of this review.

Deposits and Withdrawals

You can deposit money on PKR using Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Switch, Solo, Neteller, Click2Pay and Firepay. Withdrawals can be made with Check, Click2Pay, Neteller, Firepay and Visa Electron.


PKR is a well-regulated site licensed and regulated by the ultra-strict AGCC so you can be sure that your money is kept in a separate account that cannot be accessed by PKR.

PKR isn’t content to merely have you drop by for a game and then leave. They want you to become invested (emotionally and financially) in the world they have created. In order to do that, they’ve given you a lot of eye-candy, fun gaming options, and even a chance to make friends. It’s the online gaming room of the future, right here and now. With ultra-realistic images and a virtual playground that can be customised to your own personal preferences, doesn’t it make you wonder why you’d look anywhere else? PKR has it all. And if they don’t have what you’re looking for, odds are that they soon will.

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