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Lock Poker got a new lease on life with the development of its own “Revolution Gaming” network. The clientele is still building. However, this relatively young upstart is making waves, particularly by its continued acceptance of American players.

Brash and on the rise, Lock Poker is offering one of the most lucrative bonus to be found. By using “TheFuture” bonus code, players (existing and new) can receive a 200% match on their deposit, up to $4,000.

Let’s say that again, Four Thousand Dollars.

Poker games at Lock cover the basics and a few extras, from the ever-present Hold’em to Badugi (four card triple draw). Tournaments and promotions exist, but will obviously become better developed when more players come on board. New depositors do get a chance for some $500 daily freerolls, though.

The software is straightforward and not overly flashy. And as most sites do, the lobby offers you filtering options that will help keep you from spending all of your time trying to track down your favourite games. In addition, this site is run by real online players, so you’ll get the chance to rub elbows with some of the greats.

At Lock it’s all about the games, and despite the fact that this is a smaller site there is plenty going on at all times of the day and night. Plus, one of the best things about Lock is the fact that pros are drawn to this site, yet the little fish have plenty of room in which to swim, and win, too. If you’re hesitant to get your feet wet using real money, no worries. Lock even lets you sign up for practice games first, if you prefer.

And rather than coming in with guns blazing, Lock appears to be taking things slow and getting it right the first time. 24/7 Customer Service with Live Chat is one such example that many other sites could stand to pick up on.


Lock’s still growing but that doesn’t mean you can’t find games going 24/7. The lion’s share is for micro and low limit stakes, and Hold’em still rules the roost. You can also expect to find Omaha, 5 and 7 Card Stud, Razz, HORSE and Badugi. Variations of the aforementioned are still a little sparse but if you’re looking for Sit & Go’s and Multi-table Tournaments you’ll still find action, particularly on the weekends. As mentioned, Lock will continue to expand its repertoire as new clients sign up.

Bonuses and Promotions

The current sign-on bonus actually applies to all players, provided they use “thefuture” bonus code. Lock will match 200% of your deposit, up to $4,000. And the freeroll frenzy offers new depositors chances to win up to $500 daily.
Lock’s previous campaign, Battle of the Knights, was an extensive series of games and rewards for players achieving certain levels. Prizes totaled upwards of 2 million dollars so be sure to be ready for whatever else Lock has up its sleeves.

Until then, the weekly $110,000 Guarantee Tournament runs every Sunday. And if you’re looking to move up in ranks you can play various satellite tournaments in the hopes of making it the biggies like Aussie Millions.


Lock has software for both PC and Mac users. The graphics are good-looking, if not the virtual 3D world that some others offer. The design is sleek, with a lobby that is easy to navigate. Multi-table play is possible and tables can be resized to suit. The LockREPLAY feature is a terrific hand replay feature and additional stats are also easily accessible. You’re able to choose an avatar and chat with fellow players, if you desire. Again, the graphics aren’t the flashiest but they’re serviceable and attractive.

Customer Service

One of the best things about Lock is the site’s commitment to building a solid foundation. With 24/7 customer service and a live chat feature, Lock Poker offers better customer service options than some of the long-standing bigger sites. For this reason alone Lock gets high marks. Add to that, a slow and steady climb with their eyes on the prize and Lock Poker should soon stand as the top dog to beat.

The Pros to Lock

This is an exciting time in online poker. With tightened legislation, security issues causing players to become understandably more wary, etc., it’s kind of like becoming immersed in the Wild West of gaming. How many opportunities have you heard of where you, the player, can be in on the ground floor of shaping a poker site? Yet you can. And you may even find yourself playing next to the people making it happen, because author and pro player, Eric “Rizen” Lynch, manages the place. The powers-that-be are not only looking to get you to Lock, they also want to know how to keep you there. So you’re offered a generous sign-on bonus and treated to a quality experience over a mass quantity of options. But the clientele is building, and with it soon your choices.

Until then you have easy access to raking in the chips. So why are you sitting here reading this? Don’t you have somewhere else to be?

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