GUKPT is Back

The Grosvenor UK Poker Tour is shedding extra pounds by offering fewer dates and destinations for 2013. Despite its less extensive run, the tour promises prize monies totaling £1,750,000 in a series of games held at Grosvenor G Casinos throughout England.

Whilst foregoing previous European locales such as Belgium, GUKPT will stick closer to home with 12 No-Limit Hold’em events held throughout the UK. Beginning on 24 February in London, the first main event promises a £200,000 guarantee. In addition to prize money from individual events, big event winners will also receive a seat in the £400,000 Grand Final at the end of the season.

What to Expect

Travelling from London to Coventry, this tour will offer a number of Deepstack games interspersed throughout the main tour. Individual destinations include Stockton, Portsmouth, Reading, Walsall, Brighton, and others. Though known to require deep pockets, the tour will also encourage young up-and-comers with the Student Championship, which will be held in Coventry in late March.

GUKPT will then close out the 2013 season with two large-scale events:

The Grand Final in London will be held from November to December 1, with a buy-in of £2,000 + £125. The Grand Final’s guarantee is £400,000. (Note: Winners of other GUKPT events with buy-ins over £101 are guaranteed a seat at the Grand Final. Winners of smaller events will be given a GUKPT voucher worth £500, which can be used at any other events throughout the tour season).

The popular Goliath tournament will also be held again, and the guarantee has been doubled up to £200,000. Held in Coventry, Goliath will require a buy-in of £100 + £20 and will be held from August 18-25.

2013 Schedule

Date Location Event Buy-in Guarantee
8 Apr-14 Manchester, UK Main £1,000 + £70 £200,000
5 May -12 Stockton, UK Deepstack £500 + £50 £50,000
26 May-22 Jun. Portsmouth, UK Deepstack £500 + £50 £50,000
16 Jun.-23 Reading, UK Deepstack £500 + £50 £50,000
7 Jul-14 Walsall, UK Deepstack £500 + £50 £50,000
21 Jul-28 Brighton, UK Deepstack £500 + £50 £50,000
4 Aug-11 Bolton, UK Deepstack £500 + £50 £50,000
15 Sep-22 Manchester, UK Deepstack £500 + £50 £50,000
13 Oct-20 Luton, UK Main £1,000 + £70 £200,000
3 Nov-10 Blackpool, UK Main £1,000 + £70 £200,000
24 Nov.-1 Dec. London, UK Grand Final £2,000 + £125 £400,000
26 Mar-28 Coventry, UK Student Championship £30 + £5
18 Aug.-25 Coventry, UK Goliath £100 + £20 £200,000

In operation since 2007, the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour is well-experienced in creating expansive poker festivals and all the warm-up events leading up to the big show. Increasing competition may have called for a more streamlined operation than past years; however, the GUKPT is still a going concern for players wanting real-time face-to-face action for big prizes.

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