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Everest is a rising star in the world of online poker and is quickly becoming known as a top global destination. Games and customer service assistance are offered in multiple languages, and the software even has quick keys to enable multicultural players to converse with one another.

Sign-on bonuses and loyalty programmes are above average. Daily freerolls can quickly help you build your bankroll. Plus, the play can get particularly loose at mid and high stakes games, meaning the sharks can easily find themselves in a feeding frenzy.

Though the customer base is building, you can still expect to see around 4,000 money players daily, and upwards of 10,000 in additional games. Everest maintains its own software, which is reputed to see the most international traffic of any other poker site. That means no matter when you’ve got the itch to play you should be able to find some action. Everest’s status as the main endorser for the World Series of Poker from 2008 to 2011 doesn’t hurt its reputation, either.

The playing software doesn’t offer the most impressive graphics but the cards are easy to read and those multi-language quick keys are a brilliant addition to the platform. Everest also offers two options for Lobby viewing, either Quick Seat (which offers games based on your bankroll and playing history) or the Standard View. If you’re new to the game Everest even offers solid tutorials and unlimited free games for Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

So if you’re looking for a truly global experience, Everest is the place to be. This site offers players of various skill levels a party-type atmosphere in which to try their luck. Party atmosphere or no, Everest’s behind-the-scenes workings such as multi-language customer service and proprietary software shows this organisation to have a good head for business, as well.

Bonuses and Promotions

Everest’s welcome bonus currently offers a 100% match to your deposit, up to $500. As with other sites, you will then need to play real money games to release the bonus money in increments, but this site isn’t known for making you climb mountains to get there.

Freerolls are free flowing with five freecash rolls, daily. Everest also appears to be cooking up new Sit & Go’s and Satellites, as well. The weekly Big Prime offers the chance to win $15,000 or $30,000 and smaller qualifiers can help seat you at the big tables, so if you’re playing for recreation or dreaming of the bigger tourneys, Everest has what you need.

Loyalty Rewards

Everest Poker’s VIP programme is called the Summit Club. It’s a unique sliding scale where your standing varies from month to month, based on how many Summit Points you earned the month before. Each month you can check out what tier you qualify for and then access the benefits of that particular level. Granted, depending on your playing consistency it could sometimes feel like two steps forward, three steps back. However, if you climb to the Death Zone or Summit level then your standing is secure for the next three months. Such a setup makes Everest’s Summit Club an enticing climb to tackle.


Everest has its own proprietary software, with a global talent pool of unique players. Games are offered in numerous languages such as Italian, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, and more.
The graphics are decent, if not awe-inspiring, but Everest’s F1-12 quick keys enable players to offer standard poker phrases to competitors, even without knowing the language!

Customer Service

Though customers can currently only contact Everest via email, the response time is fast (usually within a few hours) and can be handled in multiple languages. Such attention to assisting a global audience is just one reason Everest keeps rising in the ranks.

In a range of moves from devising a truly global playing field to having the resources to assist players of different languages, Everest does many things well. As with any other sites, there are still some areas that could stand improvement. Everest may want to consider creating a broader game palette and coming up with some snazzier promotions. However, this site’s solid reputation for ethics, security, customer service and multi-cultural accessibility takes Everest up near the top, an elevated position few competitors would dare to climb.

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