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Bwin has been entertaining competitors since 1999. The company’s 2005 purchase of the Ongame network significantly expanded its impressive customer base, and now bwin is one of the most popular and respected rooms in the business.

Yet despite such tenure, bwin doesn’t appear to be content to live in the past. The software is modern, efficient, and pleasant to look at and work with. It may not be as futuristic as some new gamers might like, but it’s also not so “virtual” that you find yourself distracted from the games at hand.

Texas Hold’em, Seven-Card Stud, Omaha (and more) are offered in 22 languages. Such versatility gives players the chance to experience a truly global playing field and a huge base of competitors to play against. This site’s also proven to be impeccably ethical, so one can expect to see both veteran players as well as young guns looking for action.

Once slammed for meager bonus offers, bwin has since seen the importance of bonuses for attracting new visitors. First off you can receive 10 free tournament tickets to enter the Rookie Challenge without even depositing any money of your own. This series of Sit & Go tournaments offers you the chance to win real money. If you choose to sign-on with a deposit, the current bonus plan will match you up to $500.

And then there’s bwin’s highly respected reputation. With other sites being fined for mistreatment of its players it’s no small wonder that people are wary. Bwin is a known name that’s been doing what they do since 1999, long before some of the young upstarts even thought about building a site. That trusted name is impressive in itself but that’s not enough to keep moving forward; the beauty is that bwin seems quite aware of that fact and keeps working to strengthen its place at the top.

Bwin offers what few others can: proven reliability as a well-known entity, yet one that isn’t afraid to keep growing and improving. Such a terrific blend between then and now makes bwin a tremendous force to be reckoned with. That this organisation thinks it still needs to keep enticing players to come on board means good things for you. It also turns a good poker site into an excellent one.

Games and Competition

You’ll have access to the standards of Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, and Five Card Draw (with Hold’em getting the most serious play). Note to potential new members: bwin attracts a lot of better-than-average players. If you’re a newbie you’ll still have plenty of gaming options but you also might learn some things the hard way before improving your lot. If wanting to ease in and work your way up then check out the lower stakes games first.

Tournaments are constantly running and there’s always a number of qualifying satellites going on, too. The weekly Champion Chip has a $200,000 jackpot and bwin also currently offers $1,000 in daily freerolls. Games and tourneys change on a dime so be sure to check out bwin’s site for the latest offers going.

Prefer to play face to face? Bwin sponsors live tournaments, too. The joined forces of bwin and the Ongame network assure a tremendous amount of activity. Low stakes or high, no matter where you are in your own personal game you’ll have a good bit to keep you entertained here.

Note: US players cannot be accommodated but bwin is a huge market for European play. If looking for the heaviest traffic time, you would do well to plan accordingly.


In the past, bwin received a lot of flak for not having much to offer a new player, but that’s old news. Recognising that new blood is crucial, bwin now has some attractive offers for new players.

  • By simply registering for free, you’ll receive 10 tickets to the Rookie Challenge; a multi-stage series of Sit & Go’s that could result in real money winnings. This offer could also be upped to 14 freeroll tickets if you earn one poker point by playing with real money.
  • New players will also get deposits matched, up to $500.00. The hoops to clear your funds aren’t all that bad, either. Collect poker points (10 per dollar) by playing real money games and your bonus will get paid out in $10.00 increments.
  • Newcomers also have the chance to join b’inside, bwin’s Member Program. If you sign on as a VIP with your first deposit then you’ll receive a welcome gift of 1,000 Market Points. Granted, that won’t even buy you a friendship bracelet but it will help get you started.


Due to bwin’s long run they’ve had plenty of time to get it right with the software. Aiming more for functionality and reliability than fireworks, this site offers a responsive and drama-free playing experience. And despite the solid nature of the thing that doesn’t mean you’ll be lacking in comfort or attractive surroundings. Players have options on how detailed they want their view to be, but for the serious players the standard tables are just fine. What’s more, the kinks have been successfully worked through. Multi-table options can tackle up to 12 simultaneous tables with ease and stats and hand histories are ready at a glance. As said, you do have the option of prettying up the view but the slick modern feel that’s the norm is very pleasing to the eye and thankfully not distracting.

Whether you’re using a Mac, PC or mobile phone, bwin has options. The offer of a downloadable or non-downloadable version was a terrific business decision, but note that the downloadable version naturally offers a lot more perks.

Customer Service

If you have any troubles you can contact support by email, phone, conventional mail and by accessing the posted FAQ’s section. Live chat is unfortunately not offered but no complaints have been heard about bwin’s quality of care for its customers. Phone assistance for poker clients can be found by calling 00350 200 47 196, Monday through Friday 10:00 to 20:00 (GMT 1) and Saturday through Sunday, 12:00 to 20:00. Bwin’s fax number is 0043-1-205330-18000.

In summary, bwin has rightfully earned its reputation as being one of the most trusted and respected online gaming sites in the world. The graphics might not be as all-encompassing and flashy as some others, and the organisation isn’t as concerned with building a social media mecca as some of the younger upstarts. What bwin concentrates on is quality, trust, and reliability. This site provides an online club for veteran players to play safely and comfortably. And it’s good for the little fish, too. Bwin’s promise of a huge talent pool to bet against promises diversity and yes, some stiff competition. But new players should be encouraged to come around because the best way to improve is by watching the top dogs. Looking for the big guys? It’s a safe call that they’re hanging out at bwin. It is the go-to place for players who been to more than their fair share of tables. If it’s good for them it stands to reason that this site should be worth your time to check out.

Bwin stands safe in its role as one of the very best.

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