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Betfair is one of the world’s largest gambling exchanges. As such, they offer a wide variety of entertainments, from poker to sports betting, and on into live tournaments and quick in-play action. Once on a standard poker network, Betfair has since focused its vision to cultivate a unique player base. And that’s where Betfair really seems to stand out, by getting players invested in more ways than just financially. While other poker sites are mostly concerned with getting you in and to a table, Betfair ups the ante by giving you what you’re looking for (mobile bet exchanges in under a second, as well as live streaming options) and they also provide a good bit more.

The Betfair poker site offers generous sign-on bonuses and a better-than-average loyalty rewards system. You’ll also be afforded solid customer service assistance, easy and reliable playing software, and the chance to win free spots at the traveling big tournaments. If you end up being a big winner at said tournaments you might end up being highlighted on the Roll of Honour. True, the online poker tutorials could stand to be expanded and enhanced; however, there is an extensive and thriving community site, which should be helpful in offering the little fish some pointers.

It’s a solid site, but what’s more, it’s a friendly site. With Betfair’s decent variety of things and ways to play, you should be able to find the entertainments you’re seeking. And who knows? You might even make a few new friends.


Betfair Poker is best known for the sign up bonuses of up to $2500. The bonuses that are available to choose from are; the $50, $250, $500, $1000 and $2500 sign up bonus. Betfair uses a Player Point system. In cash games Player Points are awarded, depending on the amount the player contributed to each pot. In tournament play, 3.25 Player Points are awarded for every $1 contributed to a Sit and Go or Multi-Table tournaments, Player Points are awarded based on the tournament fees. Depending on the size of the bonus chosen, the rate that bonus is released to the player changes. For the $50 bonus, $5 is released to the player for every 40 Player Points earned. The release of the $2500 sign-up bonus is released at $500 for every 7000 points earned. There are time limits on the bonuses, so the larger the bonus chosen, the more real money poker a player has to play to see the rewards.


Betfair poker has an impressive number of promotions running all the time, as well as new ones coming out monthly. There is also the $2500 Welcome Freeroll, where just for signing up and playing at least one real money hand (or entering a real money tournament); you will get a ticket to the $2500 Welcome Freeroll that takes place every Thursday evening.

Betfair poker also has promotions available to the more casual and recreational player, who might not make the most of the Player Point system, so there appears to be something for all who come on board. The promotion ’77 ways to boost your bankroll’ offers 11 daily Bankroll Booster tournaments, which equates to $2660 worth of cash added daily to help boost a player’s bankroll. Along with the weekly 77 Bankroll Booster tournaments, there are also the 48 cash freerolls daily, so there are a variety of different routes to boost a bankroll. Again, promotions are being added continually so check out Betfair’s site to see if one piques your interest.


The Betfair poker ‘Players’ Club’ is a loyalty and rewards system, which starts as soon as a player joins. A player earns Poker Points as they play real money poker. The Poker Points are then multiplied into Store Points, which can be redeemed for cash. The more real money poker played, the better your return from the Players’ Club.

There’s also a ‘Refer and Earn’ scheme running with Betfair poker. If you refer a friend you can earn an initial £25 (note that the referred friend needs to meet certain playing requirements). The rewards can go up from there, depending on your friend’s playing and betting pattern. In short, you have the chance to win up to £2000 reward for yourself and £1000 for your friend, but to do so there are more than a few hoops you’ll both need to jump through. Still, free money is free money, so go on and tell some friends and start adding to your bankroll!


Would you rather get out of your flat and play face-to-face? In addition to online play, Betfair also sponsors live tours to give you just the opportunity. Betfair’s substantial worldwide following makes it a given to sponsor the World Series of Poker Europe and the Amateur Poker Association and Tour. Both offer events and tournaments for players to join and there are also tournaments and games online offering the chance to win entry to these events taking place throughout the year.

To help you on your way, Betfair has a promotion promising that if you play one Betfair Poker LIVE! Multi-table tournament online you’ll be given a chance to get a Free-Way shot to become part of Team Betfair at their next live destination.

Betfair Poker’s big-name reputation and independent customer base gives players an experience that is unique to Betfair. Community is no small thing here. When you sign on you’ll be rewarded for doing so, and if you stick around you’ll doubtless see even more benefits. A sense of community won’t be pushed down your throat, but it’s there if you should take an interest.

An immersion into playing culture and access to some high dollar tournaments might scare off the more casual visitor. Plus some of the ongoing promotions available on Betfair require a large amount of playing time and real money games played before seeing benefits of the promotions. But Betfair aims and succeeds at creating something different. So if you’re interested in seeing why Betfair ranks as one of the best, all it takes is a few clicks and you’re there.

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